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Sponges and Scouring Pads

Sponges and Scouring Pads
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Scrubber Sponge Extra Durable White 4-3/5X2-3/10 PK32 ZO73178868
Scrubber Sponge, Length 4 39/64 in, Width 2 13/32 in, Material Foam, Color White, Thickness 45/64 in..
Sponge 8-1/4L 5W Microfiber Chamois ZO33812831
Sponge, Length 8 1/4 in, Width 5 in, Material Microfiber, Color Chamois, Thickness 4/5 in, Abrasive ..
Scrub Sponge Antibacterial Synthetic PK8 ZO72435288
The Libman Antibacterial Scrub Sponge is a 4.5” x 3” premium synthetic sponge, with a premium acryli..
Magic Eraser Foam Pad 2 2/5 x 4 3/5 Variety Pk White/Blue PK18 ZO32452457
Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Foam Pad, 2 2/5" x 4 3/5", Variety Pk, White/Blue, 6/PK, 3 PK/CT Te..
Pad Blue 10L PK5 ZO11255837
Pad, Color Blue, Length 10 in, Width 4 39/64 in, Abrasive Medium, Package Quantity 5 Reviews ..
Scouring Pad 5-1/8 L 2-7/8 W PK4 ZO41886837
Scouring Pad, Length 5 1/8 in, Width 2 7/8 in, Material Polymeric Foam, Urethane, Color Blue, White,..
Metal Detectable Scouring Pad PK60 ZO36583521
Metal Detectable Scouring Pad, Length 9 in, Width 6 in, Material Nylon, Color Blue, Thickness 23/64 ..
Small Cleaning Brush Brass 3x7 PK12 ZO73132841
Small Cleaning Brush Brass,3x7,PK12, Package Quantity 12 Reviews of United Abrasives-Sait #05..
6 x 9 Green Scouring Pad Green 12pk. ZO88367186
Scouring Pad, Length 9 in, Width 6 in, Material Synthetic Fiber, Color Green, Thickness 1/4 in, Abra..
General Purpose Hand Pad 6 x 9 Maroon PK60 ZO67341445
Scotch-Brite™ PROFESSIONAL General Purpose Hand Pad, 6 x 9, Maroon, 20 BX, 3 BX/CT Restrictio..
Simple Scrub Tool and White Pad ZO48712354
Simple Scrub Tool and White Pad Restrictions and ComplianceSimple Scrub Tool and White Pad ZO..
Scrub Sponge Medium Duty Cellulose PK8 ZO48636717
The Libman Medium Duty Scrub Sponge is a 4.5” x 3” natural cellulose sponge, with a premium non-abra..
Extra Heavy-Duty Scour Pad 3 1/2 x 5 Blue/Gray PK20 ZO57736342
Boardwalk® Extra Heavy-Duty Scour Pad, 3 1/2 x 5, Blue/Gray, 20/Carton Restrictions and Compl..
Cleaner Stck 5-3/4 ZO61668577
Cleaner Stick, Length 5 3/4 in, Width 1 1/2 in, Material Pumice Stone, Color Gray, Thickness 1 1/2 i..
Double Sided Microfiber Pads 16 PK4 ZO21624684
The 16" double sided microfiber pad will last twice as long and clean twice as much. One pad = 2000 ..